Competition Law

Competition law is an area of legislation that exists to maintain fair market competition through regulation of anti-competitive practices implemented by companies. Instances can include the formation of monopolies and price-fixing, as well as various other forms of collusion that distorts the market price. These practices hinder other companies from entering a market, as well as harms the consumer through encouraging inflated prices, lower product and service quality, and discourages innovation and new investments.


Our integrated legal team can offer advice on all aspects of infringement of competition law. We represent our clients in all related procedures, whether administrative, civil, or criminal. We work with clients in all aspects, starting at the earliest stages of a deal to identify, analyse and minimse potential or actual competition infringements. A whole risk assessment is conducted for any process necessary to ensure full compliance or mitigate any potential consequence as a result of infringement cases. Through our expertise, we can assist your organisation in avoiding conflict situation with competition legislation as well as challenge unfair competitors that may be harming your financial interests.


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Global Legal Business © 2021. Të gjitha të drejtat e rezervuara.