Due Diligence and Investment

Due diligence refers to the process of assessing the legal regulatory framework as well as assessing the financial situation of the subject under consideration for investment. When an investor wishes to finance a business venture in Kosovo, then that investor will benefit from a legal assessment of the planned operation. Even more importantly, if a investor wishes to invest in part or all of a domestic company, then it is important for detailed checks to be made on the financial health and background of the business as well as its owners.


We provide a full package of legal services for any potential national and international investors, including market research, financial assessments, and background checks. We help tailor up solutions per specific fields and clients through a network of associates that are experts in various industries.  Our team addresses the legal, regulatory, tax, and commercial challenges faced by any potential investor in order to safeguard your funds.

Global Legal Business © 2021. Të gjitha të drejtat e rezervuara

Global Legal Business © 2021. Të gjitha të drejtat e rezervuara.