Personal Data Protection

Personal data, also referred to as personal information, is any kind of information about an identifiable person. This data can consist of almost any kind of information, ranging from names and date of birth, to bank details, shopping habits, health records, internet surfing, and lifestyle choices. The holder of your personal data is legally obliged to use it only for certain purposes approved of by the individual, without divulging such data to other parties. This type of protection is referred to as personal data protection.


The significance of data protection law continues to grow and raises issues of fundamental importance to individuals, businesses, and state institutions. We help our clients to comply with the new Kosovo Law on Personal Data Protections that has been transposed from the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This new regulation has revolutionised the protection of the personal data and requires intensive compliance efforts by the data processors.  Our team ensures that the personal data that clients hold are protected and we support our clients to manage the consequences when there have been breaches of personal data. In addition, through our specialised lawyers, we provide advice and training to both private companies and public authorities. Based on our team’s professional background and practical approach to handling issues regarding personal data protection legislation, your data compliance will be safe in our hands.

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Global Legal Business © 2021. Të gjitha të drejtat e rezervuara.