Public Procurement

Public procurement is the process of purchasing services, supplies, and works by government institutions and state-owned enterprises through the utilisation of public funds. The purchasing process is established through specific laws and regulations, and specific procedures exists for awarding contracts as well as challenging the awarding of those contracts. Public procurement is a source of major business opportunity for both national and international companies, and therefore also a highly competitive sector to operate in.


Our legal affiliates have an extensive experience with procurement cases as well as a track record of winning cases in Kosovo. We provide top legal services to our clients to ensure the legality of procurement processes are respected. We have successful experience in litigations at the Procurement Review Body in Kosovo. We regularly represent clients at this administrative court for procurement cases and help clients challenge tender processes which do not meet legal criteria. We also advise corporate clients and government bodies on the application and interpretation of procurement laws and on respective administrative action. In the event of the procurement process occurring in a different country, we have access to a network of specialist lawyers abroad that can represent your interests in other jurisdictions.

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Global Legal Business © 2021. Të gjitha të drejtat e rezervuara.