Sport Disputes

Sport disputes arise when a losing individual or team disagree with the result of a competitive sports event. Such situation can arise through different factors, including allegations of cheating or doping, or natural and manmade disruptions at events as well as claims of inappropriate decisions made by judges and referees. Considering the prestige and prize winnings that accompany sporting events, as well as media advertising, large sums of money are at stake when it comes to winning or losing in sports competitions.


Our lawyers and sports consultants provide legal services for governing bodies, clubs, teams, players, agents, and other sports-related commercial ventures. We work across a variety of different sports. We offer expert advice on employment contracts with teams and individual athletes, disciplinary and related issues with employers and sport’s governing bodies, managing reputation, sponsorship, merchandising, and advertising for commercial partners and events. Moreover, we also offer litigation services at arbitration and court instances for sport outcomes that are in dispute.

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Global Legal Business © 2021. Të gjitha të drejtat e rezervuara.