Tax & Customs

Taxes and custom tariffs are payments set by the state in order to source funds for the country’s annual budget. These are a complicated web of laws and regulations that are a challenge for any company to navigate through. With a constantly evolving tax and customs environment, it is difficult to keep abreast of the latest changes that affect your business. Without a steady and sure guidance by specialists in this field, it is easy for a company to make errors in tax and customs calculations, thereby incurring fines from inspectors.


Fortunately, our specialised legal team are at your disposal and have a long experience and a depth of knowledge of the Kosovo tax and custom system. We provide tax efficient business solutions to our clients, meaning we also help ensure that you neither underpay nor overpay on your obligations to the state. Our service includes advice on all type of charges, such as VAT, corporate tax, personal income taxes and customs fees.


Moreover, we also provide tax litigation and dispute resolution on behalf of our clients involved in tax and customs disputes at responsible bodies, both administrative and judicial. Our team also advises on all tax and regulatory aspects related with international trade (imports & exports), particularly customs and excise tax. In particularly, our service extends to alternative dispute resolution proceedings where we act on behalf of tax payers by lodging objections, appeals, and review applications against tax assessments when any such case arises.

Global Legal Business © 2021. Të gjitha të drejtat e rezervuara

Global Legal Business © 2021. Të gjitha të drejtat e rezervuara.